War in the rumours 

​There is war in the rumours,

And some more, 

Spread by social media warriors,

Paper tigers and media whores, 

Taking the world to war,

And the path to no more,

The fear mongers,

And their whores,

Have created this frenzy, 

To drive people crazy,

To make profit,

And gain by spin, 

Some shiver in fear,

And some see it all clear,

Pigeons are spreading it,

Far and wide,

But there are owls,

Who don’t grow the fouls, 

While the hawks wait,

On the borders,

For the orders,

The hyenas in the parliaments, 

Are in thoughts and comments,

And the lions,

Know the conclusions,

Beforehand and fleeing to safe havens, 

Spreading far and wide,

Escaping the corrupted,

Parts of this world,

Where the pimps and whores,

Call all the shots,

Devoid of any honour,

Full of hypocritical power,

Come on! Let’s go to war,

Come on! Let’s go to war,

The war on terror, 

The war on corruption, 

The war on hunger,

The war on deprivation, 

The war on drugs,

The war on thugs,

The war on unemployment, 

The war on evil governments, 

The war on pollutions, 

The war on delusions,

The war on mass surveillance, 

The war on wicked alliances, 

The war on racism,

Nazism, Fascism and,

All other convoluted isms,

The war on hegemony, 

The war on easy money, 

The war on hypocrisy, 

The war on apostasy, 

The war of our inner selves, 

The war that dissolves,

Our corruption and filth,

And restores all health,

But this rarely happens, 

So the Great War is around, 

The corners instead, 

Which will put up,

Nations against nations,

Leading to total annihilation,

Clearing the ground,

For the golden civilization, 

Where the pure ones,

Will rule and lions will roam free,

Where there will be,

No pimps, slaves and whores,

No nations and dogmas,

No false religion and vendetta,

Where everyone will be a sovereign, 

And in charge of their affairs,

Where there will be just one race, 

Class and universal kinship,

Kingdom of love,

And true relationships, 

Where hard work, 

Will be rewarded,

And fruits shared,

Where able will prosper,

And usurers will suffer,

So let them go to war,

And dig their own graves,

On the path to no more, 

It will be devastatingly,

Joyful for lust, anger, greed,

Fear and hypocrisy, 

But at least,

There won’t be this apostasy,

The fear mongering elites,

And their proxies and cronies,

So let’s start afresh,

And create a new world,

Letting the outdated,

And wicked to demolish itself.


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