Secure refuge 

​My rich mind was a fallow field,

Where the weeds were growing wacko wild,

While searching for something supernal,

It found your love eternal,

While you were looking for something rich,

My musings were dying for a refuge,

But our union was not easy, 

In frustration my pangs became poesy,

Through your grace it found the treasure,

The trove of divine command and literature,

Now why should I abandon you,

My mind’s abode of secure refuge.

Dreams of a lovesick heart 

I often dream of paradise lost,

Of my innocence frolicking in dust,

That stupid fighting over stolen lunches,

And residential school mafia backbenchers,

Of teenage infatuation and romances, 

Which make me go in deep trances.

I often dream of prophetic dreams,

Of treachery of fickle minded pears,

And their eyes crying crocodile tears,

Of serpents in my lovely courtyard, 

That make my life treacherously hard,

Which make me feel completely isolated.

I often dream of mundane phenomenon,

Of messages lost in complex interpretation,

That make me aware of things hidden,

Under the dirt of my worldly education,

Buried deep in my nether regions,

Which make me feel highly maudlin (homesick).

I often dream of ethereal deities,

Of luxury of their sensorial beauties,

And find myself amidst musical melodies,

That play the desires of my lovesick heart,

And my soul’s longing for my beloved,

Which make me feel tragically composed. 

Wretched lonely night 

My night is wretched and lonely,

Waiting for my one and only,

Who will cherish my days,

Who will ravish my nights,

I see your shimmering light,

On the horizon of my mind,

Although it’s middle of my night,

The hope of your dawn’s hour,

Makes me feel so very near,

And I see it all very clear,

That your love is so very kind,

That it’s breaking all my traps behind,

And keeping me two steps ahead,

Of all that is viciously wretched,

Just by meditating upon you O’ my beloved,

And forgiving all that is done and dead,

I thank you my wretched loneliness,

For making me worthy of holiness,

And uniting my heart and intelligence, 

Which were otherwise filled with darkness,

In the absence of your benevolence.


Crushing the devil 

Today in my la-la land,

I found few serpents,

Creeping and coiling around,

My mind’s court yard,

I crushed them all,

With my spade,

But one of them,

Was too adamant,

Before it could bite,

And poison my soul,

I caught hold of it,

By it’s cervix,

And it tightly coiled,

Around my hand,

And showed it’s fangs,

Before it could,

Break my wrist,

I loosened it’s grip,

And tied it in a knot,

But then my dream broke,

And I woke up distraught, 

I thought and thought,

And tried to interpret,

The meaning of my nightmare,

Only to become aware,

That it was the devil,

Himself in this upheaval, 

And I was about to crush him,

Just like the lion crushed him,

Under his feet,

Before he was crucified. 


​It’s only because of your light,

That I am not yet lost,

In this treacherous stormy night,

Otherwise the winds are heavy,

Enough to break my lifeboat,

And the waters are thirsty, 

Enough to drink my lifeblood,

Please keep the light burning,

Until the storm is churning, 

My yearning soul, 

Until I’m ashore,

Out of harm, 

And in your arms. 

Desires and shadows 

​You are the source,

Of all my troubles,

The mother of,

My overwhelming impulses,

One who helps,

To satisfy them,

Is a friend, 

The one who,

Obstructs is a foe,


I have many foes,

And my desires,

Have many shadows,

Like anger, greed, attachment, hubris,

Fear, criticism, cynicism, and praise,

Together they have conquered,

My crazy heart and mind,

They have destroyed my peace,

And imprisoned my lovesick seele (German for soul),

I am so sad now,

That I want to,

End my life,

But what if,

There’s no peace,

If I die?