A beautiful mind

Filled with your wise thoughts,
My beautiful mind creates,
A divine inner cosmos,
Out of our providential experiences,
On a daily basis,
It’s no mere chance,
That we’re at,
The right spot,
At the right time,
So please hold tight,
And don’t be surprised,
That I push my,
Luck a bit further,
In our every encounter,
Because you’re the centre,
Of my inner universe,
And my thoughts,
Constantly revolve around you,
Like the stars and planets,
Going around a black hole,
And I’m falling into you,
Every time I go around you.


Jones and Intercourse 

​All my life,

I looked outside,

For you my beloved, 

I tried to find,

You in my experience,

But went off course,

In anger I blamed,

Everyone else for heist,

Of my inner peace,

Now I discover,

That you were always there,

I did not look where,

In my sense and core,

In my love and hate,

In my hope and despair,

Now where will you hide,

The love of my life,

Now where will you run,

The one who is hidden,

The source of all Jones, 

The enjoyer of all Intercourse.

Colloquial Poetry

You have closed the doors,
You have closed the windows,
Of your nirvana on your beloved,
But have kept the top slot unlocked,
To keep an eye on the nomads,
Or you want your utopia plundered?

O’ sky why do you cry?
When my worry cries for me,
O’ thunder why do you strike?
When my woe is my ally,
O’ wind why do you mind?
My beloved is on my side.