Toxic Beloved 

She was a highly toxic person. Her remembrance made him feel dizzy and brought on nausea. In her presence his heart pounded like a piston, alarm bells rang in his ears and his soul just wanted to flee his body. She sucked life out of him and over the years he became chronically ill. Life with her was like a life imprisonment and their three daughters prevented any chance of his escape.

The man suffered over the years, his career floundered and he lost focus in his life. He looked ten years older than his real age and people sympathised with her for carrying the family burden. She flourished and always looked young while he was fast approaching death. One fine morning he was found dead in bed. She called the police and ambulance. Post mortem report revealed that he died of an acute heart attack.

A man who was a fine athlete in his youth, was known for being honest, forgetting enmity with anyone like a child and whose heart beat always stayed below sixty per minute, died of an heart attack. Police had no clue and treated his death as natural death in light of his chronic illness. She in fact got away with murder.

She killed him slowly over the years by her constant nagging and highly abusive behaviour. Her tongue was like scissors and gave him multiple stab wounds over the years. Her silence was even deadlier and he always feared for her volcano to burst anytime and burn the whole house with her lava. Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer and silently died in his bed during the night.


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