Wretched lonely night 

My night is wretched and lonely,

Waiting for my one and only,

Who will cherish my days,

Who will ravish my nights,

I see your shimmering light,

On the horizon of my mind,

Although it’s middle of my night,

The hope of your dawn’s hour,

Makes me feel so very near,

And I see it all very clear,

That your love is so very kind,

That it’s breaking all my traps behind,

And keeping me two steps ahead,

Of all that is viciously wretched,

Just by meditating upon you O’ my beloved,

And forgiving all that is done and dead,

I thank you my wretched loneliness,

For making me worthy of holiness,

And uniting my heart and intelligence, 

Which were otherwise filled with darkness,

In the absence of your benevolence.



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