Crushing the devil 

Today in my la-la land,

I found few serpents,

Creeping and coiling around,

My mind’s court yard,

I crushed them all,

With my spade,

But one of them,

Was too adamant,

Before it could bite,

And poison my soul,

I caught hold of it,

By it’s cervix,

And it tightly coiled,

Around my hand,

And showed it’s fangs,

Before it could,

Break my wrist,

I loosened it’s grip,

And tied it in a knot,

But then my dream broke,

And I woke up distraught, 

I thought and thought,

And tried to interpret,

The meaning of my nightmare,

Only to become aware,

That it was the devil,

Himself in this upheaval, 

And I was about to crush him,

Just like the lion crushed him,

Under his feet,

Before he was crucified. 


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