Baroness of ardour 

Early in the morning today,

She has come to stay,

In the middle of summer,

Like the baroness of ardour,

Arriving on a private mission,

Entering my bedroom without permission,

She sat on my bed,

Hanging down her shy head,

We looked at each other,

Like we were no strangers,

Her hair was like braided silk,

And eyes shined like diamonds black,

With brows like cupid bows,

Guarding a very wise nose,

Her lips like pink rose,

Her face lit up like,

A firefly in the dark,

She pretended to read something,

While I was filled with,

Coy, joy and desire,

I was hiding myself in the sheets,

When the morning twitter broke my dream,

I reminisced long over her,

Only to discover,

That she was a friend,

I never had,

Who was my soul mate,

And close to my heart,

Buried deep inside my conscience,

I was always oblivious of her presence,

Dug up by a very close acquaintance,

She is a good omen,

Of the coming fortune,

With whom I can,

Visit my childhood again,

She is like the calm,

After the worst storm,

A mystic poet’s muse,

A broken heart’s refuge.


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