Lonely Man 

I thought you were milk, 

And would strengthen my framework,

But you rot my core,

Like country made cheap liquor.
I don’t need you around anymore,

As now I have my paramour,

Man’s best friend and liquor,

My amour to talk to,

My cur to walk with,

My liquor to knock off.
My dog is devoted, 

Unlike you my beloved,

He feels my tone,

His love is whole,

He hates being alone, 

And guards my home.
My liquor is peaceful, 

Unlike you who’s spiteful,

She soothes my weird senses, 

And drinks my soul’s tears,

She’s my dear great mistress,

Who never deserts in distress. 
My Lord is my anchor,

Unlike you my dear knockers, 

Who storm my vessel,

Every now and then,

Despite that I forgive you all,

In the hope of my salvation. 
I have what I need,

Food, clothing, shelter and peace,

I know I’m the strongest, 

Because I am,

The last to trespass,

The first to apologize,

And to excuse.
But please leave me alone,

With my paramour, cur and liquor, 

As I have nothing to atone,

Except my love, faith and soul.


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