What’s astrology and who’s the astrologer? Astrology is the knowledge of the past, present and future based on the movement of planets, solar systems and constellations through the universe since creation. Astrologer is the one who knows this knowledge and shares it with others. This knowledge is so vast and exact that it’s beyond human comprehension. Only God really knows it because of being the creator, protector and destroyer of his creation, this system of things. So in reality God is the only real astrologer.
But still some try to comprehend it and utter incomplete truths. In astrology time is of the essence and the reference point is the first moment of creation. Vedic calendars are the oldest ones, followed by Greek, Roman, Julian and Gregorian. Originally calendars were lunar and now they are solar. Originally there were no months, weeks, days, etc. Just numbers based on the waxing and waning of Moon.  
Over a period of long time of observation and through divine intervention humans were able to name months, weeks, days and make calendars. Today is Sunday and you can be sure that it was Sunday on the same day last week and will be the next week only because of calendars. But what was the situation before we had calendars. Obviously there were no calendars and nobody knows the day of the creation except God.
So my point is that since you don’t know exactly how much time has elapsed since the moment of creation and how much time is left upto destruction, how can anyone tell anything about the past, present and the future. The answer lies in Vedic Astrology, the most important and exact knowledge of time available to man. But since this ancient knowledge source has been corrupted, misinterpreted, partially lost and destroyed even this is not reliable. 
But it still works and I have trialled it many times. For example when a child is born usually parents have no clue how and what to name their child. Many parents out of ignorance arbitrarily name their child but some resort to God, prayers, astrologers, priests and holy books. Usually there are errors in recording time of births. I have used Vedic astrology based on the child’s birth Nakshatra (constellation) to arrive at the first alphabet for the name i. e. the passage of Moon through a Nakshatra. Now every nakshatra has four alphabets depending on the time of birth. 
In order to avoid any error I have resorted to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhism, for guidance to get the first alphabet of the name. And always I’ve gotten the first alphabets corresponding to the Vedic astrology. Although sometimes astrology is out by just one next or previous available alphabet in the Nakshatra because of errors in recording time of birth or inherent defects in the Vedic Astrology itself. The errors happen in Astrology because of human interpretation, incomprehensible knowledge, wrong recording of time and faults in the astrology softwares as well. 
But since God is perfect and is in complete control of his creation therefore when I resort to divine guidance it always works. To be honest there’s no free will just an illusion of free will. I can say this because of various things I have observed in my life and learned through holy books. There is a hearsay that there are even in presence some ancient astrological texts called Nadis that can tell a great many things about anyone through the movement of a planet through a Nakshatra to the exactness of minutes and seconds. To get hold of such nadis is like knowing the God’s designs. Usually such texts are rarely revealed to humans and once revealed they have to be destroyed.


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