When the guard dogs join the thief,
Then what is left there to grieve,
It’s the perfect time to leave,
And let them enjoy their toxic cookies,
As more important is your conscience,
Then the carnal mundane materialistic affluence,
If you have a healthy spirit,
Like that of the great Phoenix,
Then you can start all over again,
By sitting on your funeral pyre,
And rising like a holy fire,
Because secret of cosmos is simply,
Zero plus one plus one to eternity,
From nothing to everything to nothing,
And repeating this cosmic cycle indefinitely,
Therefore I meditate on you my dear beloved,
Please send your holy fire to my abet,
Because everything has come to naught,
In this hot mean killing drought,
It is about time,
To ignite the fire,
To burn my egoistic stubble,
To make my intellect fertile,
Please send your holy rains to my assistance,
For sowing the seeds of abundance,
For watering the crops of benevolence,
Please send your balmy rays to my aid,
For reaping the harvest of faith,
For becoming good and prosperous again.


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