Common Man

I am your beloved,

The common man,

Please don’t reprehend,

As I am just human,

I like to gossip,

About my mates, neighbours and kin,

Celebrity laundry and wishful thinking,

In sports who lost and won,

False propaganda and destruction,

Wealth, health and corruption,

Of the soul and the skin,

I have empathy,

For your ache and misery,

Seeking refuge during penury,

Sickness, death and poverty,

Violation of your civil liberty,

And denigration of your dignity,

But I have no (power) rule,

Just like you,

And I can only be contrite,

For your sorry state,

Because I am stirred,

By fear and precarity,

I am filled with fear,

When trouble comes to my door,

And instead,

Want our borders to be closed,

So, I am only cheery,

When you are merry,

I donate in abundance,

So, that angels,

Take care of the troubled,

Parts of your world,

But I pay many times more,

To corporate whores,

During festive seasons,

By suffering in silence,

During times of crisis,

And paying my iniquitous,

Share of taxes,

I have no glory and honour,

Because I have no power,

To make any meaningful change,

In the outcome of this fixed game,

But I have no shame,

In admitting my faith,

In my Lord’s word,

That I will still,

Inherit the earth,

After the evil,

Has succumbed to its death,

At the end of time,

When everything will be,

Cremated by apocalyptic fire.


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