Crazy heart 

I’m crazy in your regard,

This is something,

You don’t understand,

Willing to put,

Me in an institution instead,

To curb my lovely instinct,

To crush my undying spirit,

I can be your patient, 

If you can nurse,

And heal my madness,

With your love draft,

Which God did put,

In your blood,

So please be smart,

To give me the highs,

From your eyes,

To give me the drugs, 

From your warm hugs,

As I am eager to live,

In your killing clink,

If you kill me softly,

With your tempting beauty,

And put me to healing rest,

Every night, 

Definitely your love is mad,

For that I’m glad,

But instead,

You doubt my passion,

And my imagination,

Surely my madness is,

In my mind, body and spirit, 

In my heart, dreams and lyrics,

In your alluring bellus,

And stabbing queries,

In my persistence, 

And our existence, 

My only crime is,

That I’ve put,

My trust in the supreme,

But there is no peace,

As I can’t forget,

You my beloved,

So tell me,

How many ways,

Are to union,

From where these ways,

Have their origin,

For sure I’ll be your minion,

The guard and lifer, 

Of our holy prison, 

So please don’t,

Break my crazy heart, 

But be two lovely hearts,

In one holy craft. 


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