Sovereign Man

There is a movement for restoring aboriginal sovereignty over Australia. For this purpose, some aboriginal people have joined together to create a sovereign nation. There are also several other indigenous movements for constitutional recognition of aboriginal people, restoration of aboriginal land rights, etc.

In this context, Joe, an aboriginal man, is contacted by an anonymous caller from U.S.A. This caller tells him that the Commonwealth of Australia is registered as a corporation by United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The caller influences Joe to believe that Australian Commonwealth is not a country but in reality a Corporation which derives its sovereignty from the USSEC. As such if Joe registers himself with USSEC as a corporation he can also be a sovereign man.

Commonwealth of Australia or a Corporation.

Joe being an innocent aboriginal man with little education is easily misled. He is asked to pay a couple of dollars and send a sample of his blood to a particular address in US. He follows the caller’s instructions and sends the money and the vial of blood for registration. Joe is very much happy and excited about this latest development. He is not able to control himself and wants to share this good news with his community. So he calls Jerry, his community lawyer friend, and tells him the good news.

Jerry listens to him attentively and soon brings him back to his senses. He tells him that he has been conned. He also explains, “My dear, a country can only be formed through either the might of the gun and/or of the pen. There is no other way around it. I am sorry for your blood loss.” Joe responds, “No worries, mate! I am not that stupid. I sent my cat’s blood in the vial instead.”


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