Masla Punjab

Why are Punjabi lions fleeing,
From their sovereign country?
Because of the wicked butchery,
Taking place since barbaric times,
And resuming after Indian Independence.
The Barbary lions were successful in manipulating,
The Punjabi lions after the death of their great king,
They taught the same abusive & vicious techniques,
To the clean hyenas and the genteel hyenas,
After partitioning their hunting lands.
First the lions were massacred in West-Punjab,
Part of a conspiracy to devour the Sikh nation,
And the lions fled to India and abroad for safe haven,
But instead landed into the omnivorous belly of Hinduism,
Through the legal magic of the wicked Brahmanism.
The hyenas started reorganizing East-Punjab,
According to their own whims and fancies,
Creating rift between Punjabis and non-Punjabis,
This devious reorganization policy led to indignation,
And the lions went into peaceful agitation.

After some 60,000 lions were jailed,
Some demands passed and some failed,
Promises were made but only as a token,
Punjab further divided and Punjabis broken,
Into Punjabis, Haryanavis and Himachalis.
With absolute disregard to Punjab’s legitimate claims,
By flouting internationally accepted riparian principles,
By using force to suppress the brave innocent masses,
Through economic thuggery of the agrarian,
Communal unrest and exploitation of the riparian.
The crisis flaring up with the construction of SYL canal,
Leading into Morchas and culminating in Operation Bluestar,
With active involvement of the corrupt, Britain and USSR.
Followed by the great suffering of the great Sardars,
Martyrdom of the Saint and the desecration of the holiest Durbar.
Avenged by the assassination of the lady iron willed,
And millions of lions, hyenas and innocents killed,
In Delhi and all states of the Union in the North,
Over a period of two decades in the bloody froth,
For surely it is genocide and still continues.

The hyenas have become so adept in their trades,
That today many lions have become their slaves,
RSS and Hindutva have taken over Sikh institutions,
While many lions acting like pimps living off prostitution,
With drugs and mafias further aggravating the situation.
“With all these factors of the Hindu state following such genocidal policies and practices, the Sikh’s are fleeing in their hundreds to seek refuge in distant lands. THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) has yet to bring the perpetrators of the crime of genocide to trial or have them put up to the International Criminal Court at The Hague.” Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann

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