Fluky diverse despite my lyrics

Please come to the fluky nation,
Come and study in our campuses,
Come and work in our organizations,
Come and stay in our habitations,
Come and do business in our marketplaces,
Come and invest in our stocks,
Come and share our wine and bread,
Because Straya is really different.
We need you to pay our monies,
We need you to sustain our means,
We need you to help our industry stay,
We need you to revive our businesses late,
We need you to bring our jobs back,
We need you to invest in our debt stack,
Otherwise go back to where you came from.
We are a democracy under administration,
The international bankers give us instructions,
The big business controls our politicians,
Our treasury hankers for foreign investment,
And we look towards west for guidance,
Despite having $2 trillion in retirement,
National printing press and vast mineral deposits,
Because we are still a prison colony.
We have Avant-garde politicians,
Who believe in crony capitalism,
But profess market efficiency and liberty,
Through their media friends and in community,
Indulging in hypocrisy to hijack the narrative,
With their mumbo jumbo and pomposity,
Because we always enjoy being taken for a ride.
But still come and enjoy our sorrows,
Because we still have the best jobs,
In health, research, mining and construction,
Because we still have the best industries,
Like services, mining, agriculture and education,
Because we still have the best of the decrees,
Wines, casinos, dicey markets and innovative spirits,

That make us fluky diverse despite my lyrics.


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