Fallen god, our food

Our farmers toil hard for the whole world,
Producing enough for all classes and masses,
But still there are starving in millions,
In spite of our farmers being exploited,
Despite one third of our food being wasted,
Their suffering rarely reported as news,
Because of our economic and trade dogmas.
Our grocers rot half the food on farmsteads,
That doesn’t meet their beauty standards,
Passing the cost on our tillers to be subsidized,
They also let it waste on the food shelves,
By putting up authorized expiry labels,
Instead of putting in a system to donate,
As its economical to treat the unsold as waste.
The developed world buys in excess,
To feed its eternal voraciousness,
Putting one third in the salvage,
The developing world saves its glut,
To feed its hunger and be self-reliant,
Only to rot equally in the storage,
Both failing to feed the world’s underfed.
This system of things is nothing but crazy,
Wasting resources through economic thuggery,
Generating endless suffering for all and sundry,
By letting the food to be used as a weapon,
Controlled through patents and regulation,
Only permanent solution is food donation,

That will open the door to our salvation.


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