The end of the Sikh Empire

The Sikhs would have never lost their Empire,
If they followed the saying of the tenth Sikh master,

When Pure Being remains beloved; (“Jab Lag Khalsa Rahe Niara”)
Till then I give him all my Command; (“Tab Lag Tej Dion Me Sara”)
When it Goes other way round; (“Jab Eh Gahe Bipran Ki Reet”)
I never shall never do his guard. (“Me Naa Karo En Ki Parteet”)
During the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,
Many Sikhs started doing different things,
Which were against and not resembling,
The Khalsa rules and traditions,
Instead of doing the original Sikh wedding,
The Sikh Sardars started doing Hindu wedding,
Especially Maharaja Nau Nihal Singh,
Sikhs lost their faith in each other,
And started using liquor.
Hindu Priests were allowed in the Khalsa Durbar,
The Lion-of-Panjab put the Dogra brothers,
In charge of the public matters,
Despite being forewarned by,
Akaali Phula Singh, Sikh generals and others,
That if the Hindu Brahmins and Dogra brothers,
Were not banished from the Durbar by Ranjit Singh,
The end to the Empire they would bring.
As grew the Sikh Empire’s glory and power,
So did the Sikh chiefs lust and hunger,
And they started fighting each other,
Over fiefdoms and material indulgence,
Going astray from faith and forbearance.
The emperor didn’t listen to his Sikh generals,
The Sikh chiefs didn’t listen to wise counsellors,
By 1939 the Lahore Durbar was called by some,
As a perfect example of moral turpitude,
Confirmed finally by rustic multitude.
After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,
He was succeeded by his off springs,
But in a matter of ten years,
As foretold by Akaalis, generals and others,
Internal divisions and lust for power,
Manipulated by Hindu Brahmans and Dogras,
Led to royal conspiracies and murders.
Divisions, treachery and political negligence,
Severely weakened the Sikh influence,
Giving an opportunity to the British brilliance,
To launch a series of Anglo-Sikh Wars,
To defeat the manmat Sikh Sardars,
And ultimately annexe The Khalsa Sarkar in 1949.


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