Hypocrisy is simply pretense,
A thing of false appearance,
Of virtue or goodness,
While hiding real preferences,
Especially religious and moral politics,
And engaging in a behaviour,
For which one criticizes another.
Men cherishing women,
For their beauty and fine virtues,
But denigrating their own wives,
In personal and public lives;
A culture treating women,
As partners of evil and Satan,
But then wanting them for,
Homes, alliances, pleasures,
Begetting descendants and treasures.
A church professing celibacy,
But its charlatan priests,
Indulging in adultery and child abuses;
Nations committed to democracy,
Universal peace and human rights,
But supporting repressive regimes,
Committed to autocracy and violence.
A nation committed to secularism,
But then blaming religion,
For hate, intolerance and terrorism;
An industry committed to health,
But making medicines,
To convert our misery into wealth.
Consumers wanting organic diet,
But never willing to pay the price;
Urbanized world’s constant whinge,
About pollution and climate change,
But then not willing to share,
The technology with the developing sphere.
Examples are many,
And the list is endless,
As this world is full of hypocrisy,
Including the elites and their bankers,
The corporates and our law makers,

And especially you and me.


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