Australia Day 2016

The day of advent,
Of the first convicts,
The day of establishment,
Of a new prison colony,
The day of foundation,
Of a new social order,
The day of colonisation,
Of the driest continent.
The day of the start,
Of the end of the ancient,
The day of the beginning,
Of the destruction,
Of the native flora and fauna,
The day of inauguration,
Of the aboriginal rape and massacre,
Of the continental disease and murder.
The day of reconciliation,
Of the native and the foreign,
Of the black and the white,
Of the fraught and the tyrant,
The day of mourning,
Of the survivors,
The day of celebration,
Of the boomers.

The day of merriment,
Relished by downing the spirits,
By sipping his blood,
By barbecuing the lambs,
In remembrance of,
The lucky country,
The freedoms long gone,
And the joys of the hometown.
The day of appreciation,
Of the Nanny state,
Of the Ponzi scheme,
Of vicious taxes,
Of excessive regulation,
Of selling the soil,
Of the business emigration,

Of the suffering in Slavelandia.


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