Sarasvati and Thar

Thar is a dry land of extremes,
Characterized by famines,
Moving sand dunes and fantasies,
Masses divided by vicious hate and spikes,
And malaise varying from zero to fifty degrees.
But this division is surprising,
As nations can’t stop the Sarasvati,
Sands, winds, and ideas from intruding,
For obsession and divine love,
On both sides is enduring,
Despite criminal ideologies and unholy wars,
As masses share the same soils and rivers,
Genetic structures, languages and cultures.
The holy Sarasvati and her sisters still thrive,
Letting kindness and divine love to survive,
Even in this environment of extreme hate and cynicism,
Triggered by fanatic Islam and radical Hinduism,
Aggravated by nation states and secularism,
Supported by corrupt media and anti – globalism.
Since my beloved Lord has no religion,
Only solution to this suffering and separation,
Is a border-less state with a secular devotion,
Enriching, reviving, protecting and underpinning,
Everything that it touches,
Just like river Sarasvati flowing underground,

Supporting his love and kind in the Thar and beyond.


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