Oh my dear beloved,
The whole world is trapped,
In the grip of space and time,
Enticed by your deception,
Confused by your duality,
Suffering in the pain of your separation,
And governed by the fear of death.
Sikhs call him Kaal,
Hindus call him Mahakaal,
Christians the Serpent,
And others the Dragon,
He entices with his Head,
And he liberates with his Tail,
Only if you can master him,
Within and without.
Within he is the Kundalini,
The divine flow of energy,
Coiled around the spine,
Like the Serpent around,
The Tree of Knowledge,
Representing our Intellect.
Without it is Lachesis,
On the forest floor it lives,
Perfectly camouflaged,
Amongst the fallen leaves,
Waiting for its prey,
Usually not bellicose,
But extremely dangerous,
As it is not keen to move,
And reveal itself,
If you stand on it,
Surely you will repent.
The snake has hidden genius,
For it is the master of the bush,
The source and essence,
Of everything circuitous and venomous,
And the jungle its shrine,
Coming from the Amazon basin,
A teeming paradise,
A Garden of Eden,
Its venom charged with,
The creative and destructive passions,
It is the serpent of our genesis!
It is the evil tempter and seducer,
The personification of deception and intrigue,
Premeditating and perpetrating,
The theft of our innocence,
And the delivery of our free will.

It is the custodian of our conscience,
The omen of conceit and conflict,
The image of the divine architect,
The symbol of primeval energy,
The primitive animal within and without,
Which is our destiny to wrestle and subdue.
It represents all our potentialities,
The divine and the mortal,
The sacred and the profane,
The contention of our dichotomy,
The source of our strength if mastered,
Treacherous chaos and corruption if yielded to.
For this is the duality of our life,
The source of contention between,
Our lower self and the higher self, 
The battlefield of our spiritual conflict,
The journey from physical to deific,
If you win you are a hero,
Otherwise be contended with being a zero,
And find a place to go,
But never block its flow.


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