Lycopodium is a legal IQ type,
Life’s stresses, worries and challenges,
Make him grow and ripe.
For he’s strongly grounded,
In the rational mind,
More in intellect and reasons,
Than feelings and emotions.
With a sweet tooth to soothe,
His digestion and intellect,
Characterized by abuse, neglect,
Trauma and intense disgust.
He’s often poor at,
Making emotional connections,
Even with his spouse, family,
And numerous dates,
Due to lack of true lovers,
And divine nourishment.
He’s extremely adept,
At being a versatile charismatic,
Often fooling others,
With being a strong romantic,
At worst a master manipulator,
And a leader politic.
Able to climb to the top,
Of any social order,
For he represents,
The letter of the law,
And its structure,
Much truer in terms,
Of outer social convention,
Albeit not from,
A true inner emotional connection.
He likes other people,
To be around but not too close,
For he fears intimacy,
But still favored by the holy ghost.
Confidence and commitment,
Being his biggest defies,
Often motivated by compensation,
For perceived inadequacies.
Being inferior can sometimes,
Give him an over-inflated ego,
For he respects everything,
That is strong, brave and macho.
At worse you may find him,
Living off other people,
And acting like a pimp,
Filled with debauchery and cowardice,
Suffering from paranoia and,
Finding faults where none exists.
At best the servant,
Of the divine,
The primeval energy and his beauty,
Always willing to serve,
His public and the humanity,

An avant-garde artist, politician, 
Lawyer, preacher, soldier, doctor…

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