Sapta Sindhu!

Prehistoric Sapta Sindhu,
The holy land of seven rivers,
The land of farmers,
Hunter gatherers and great warriors.
The birth place of Vaastu,
Architecture and agriculture,
The cradle of civilization, law, ethics,
Sophistication and culture.
The mother of Yoga, meditation,
Ayurveda, surgery and in vitro fertilization,
The mother of Sanskrit, globalization,
And university education.
The birth place of astronomy,
Astrology and mathematics,
The birth place of democracy,
Republics, empires and politics.
The land of karma and dharma,
The land of pramanu wars,
world peace and great drama.
The land of Vedas, Smritis and Shastras,
The land of great philosophy, science and arts,
The land of great rishis, mystics and saints.
The land of speculation, knowledge and wisdom,
The land of his divine kingdom,
The blessing of unity, duality and trinity,
The pain of separation and the gain of salvation.

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